Tuesday, July 15, 2008


jay chou is famous.
and that is very very true. i love his songs. everyone should listen too. i know some people may dislike him but his songs are jst, i give 2 thumbs up.

lols jst ignore the above. hmmm, today is a very boring day indeed. quite less the same like yesterday but abit better. why? cause ive got aircond. no need to be so desperate and search the whole school for tissues to wipe away my sweat. uhh, my mind's totally blank. *thinks of what to write* since ive got absolutely nothing to write about, i'll post up a picture i edited recently. it isnt that nice but i think its good enough. lols

what do you think about it? comments pls? hehe ^^

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥


sooee sarah said...

nice editing ..
but i'm here to comment on JAY CHOU IS FAMOUS? =.=''

u change so fast ho.
yest wuzhun, den calvin chen, den aoquan, den joe chen. now jay chou meh?
jus droppin by

Joan said...

me thinks it's cute. haha. u r so random. lol.

look into my eyes and dont make me cry - said...

soo ee, LOL.

thanks joan. and yes, randomness :D