Friday, April 3, 2009

saw this picture while searching for pictures of digital cameras.
lol it isnt that nice but it is kinda cute laa.
haha sure Melody would like it since thrs a Hello Kitty there.
btw, i saw someone driving today.
whats more, she was driving in front of a police car.
scared or not? hahahaha.

anyways, the internet connection is reaaaaaally very sucky lo.
i still cannot go online at all -_____________-"
wonder when will it be back to normal.
i kinda miss going online to search for lyrics and dl songs ler. *SIGH*
oh and somehow i started to cough AGAIN.
like wth laa, how i can suddenly start coughing?
and i cannot sing anymore laaaaaaa.
its like everytime i try to speak or sth,
i'd start to cough really hard until my throat hurts.
omgg how am i gonna sing like that? apuuuuuuuu ~

1 comment:

MeLo♥ said...

where were u oh??
behind behind me??
haha.. lol .___.
yea lohr,, kinda scary driving in front. hahaha.. =D
hmm.. btw, ur chatbox can't load one T_T