Sunday, March 29, 2009

omg i can actly online.
what a fucken MIRACLE.
pehhhh, i seriously do not know what is wrong with my internet.
memang very very babi baaaaaaa.
make me sooooo geram nia everytime i try to go online.
so yeah, sorry for not updating laa.
its not that i dont want,
its cause the internet dont let me :(

ps: life w/o internet is kinda very 辛苦 at first but at least im kinda used to it liao. at least got songs to accompany me lor. but ler, i cant dl any song w/o the fucken internet =="
pps: but come to think of it hor, its like Lent ba now, so need to fast and not onlining is a good way of fasting for me lor. lol

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