Sunday, April 26, 2009


went on a date with darlingg yesterday :)
its been so long since we go out.
although we did meet each other at PC Fair,
but that was only a while?

anyways, we spent the whole afternoon at Parkson.
since we both didnt eat lunch,
we decided to go to McDonalds thr
but who knew it was super crowded.
no more place to sit le but the counter thr still filled with ppl @@
so we went downstairs and had lunch at Pizza Hut.
it was really full too, as well as KFC that is.
but we were patient and waited for quite some time
before getting ourselves a seat.
actly, we saw Vivian and her mum then we jst followed up behind them
and we were lucky enough to get in after 10 minutes of waiting.
well, i havent been thr for quite long alrdy.

lol so after lunch we walked up and down Parkson a few rounds.
darlingg bought an anklet and we bought the same earrings :D
lol then we jst went around looking for accessories.
then we went to Cindy and i bought a pair of earrings for mummy.
its an advanced Mother's Day gift ^^
ohh darlingg and i each got a free Double Chocolate too.
haha but too bad i had to go back by 5pm.
wanted to stay longer though.
but overall i had a good time.
thanks for yesterday darlingg :)

more pics at darlingg's wretch :D

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