Sunday, April 12, 2009

remember my post in January about my house getting flooded?
well, it jst got flooded again.
but i wasnt at home when my house got flooded.
my aunt called to tell us her house was flooded,
which meant alot of water have alrdy masuk-ed my house.
when i got home, the water alrdy subsided.
the water was only about an inch high in the living room.
if only i was back home half an hour earlier,
i couldve seen the water coming into my house rising to as high as 5 inches.
not only my house, almost the whole Miri was flooded i suppose.
on the way back home, i could see the roads and longkangs covered by water.
everywhere i looked, i could only see water, water and more water @@

well, thank God nothing bad happened or anything.
im really exhausted from washing the living room
and theres still school tmr. omg
i dont wanna wake up early laa ><

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