Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yesterday :

i went to school kinda late.
the motivation talk alrdy started when i reached.
so i went to take a chair and walked into the hall.
the talk was given by this KK dude named Hilter Yew.
*click on his name to go to his website.
i thought the talk would end like before recess,
but who knows its until noon -_______-"
the way he gave his talk was quite funny lo.
but he talked really too loudly laa.
throughout the talk, he asked us to close our eyes like more than 3 times i think.
and when we closed our eyes,
he would play soft music and ask us to use our imagination.
i didnt really like it lo cause i kept on crying ==
esp the part when he talked about graduation and stuff.
omg this morning i even woke up with my eyes looking like this ---> @@
lol and after school, there was this BK quiz.
because of the silly motivation i didnt have time to finish reading Luke.
aduhh but it was okay laa.
wasnt as hard as i thought lo.
jst hope i can pass with flying colors and get the cert.

Today :

i woke up at 8am this morning :D
but i did wake up like once or twice btw 5am-6.30am lo.
stayed home the whole morning.
had Nagaliar's nasi lemak for lunch today.
the feeling of eating that nasi lemak brought a huge smile to my face.
its been sooooooo long since i last ate that.
then in the afternoon mummy and i went to Boulevard
while we dropped Vallamy over at Faryl's house to play.
after buying some stuffs,
we went back to her house for about an hour?
then daddy called and asked us to go to the prawn store thr.
its a place for you to catch prawns
and its really fun but tiring.
the price is RM20 per hour.
in that one hour i caught a small fish(it appeared out of nowhere lol) and a prawn.
was very very happy about that :D
its like i caught it 2 minutes before my time is up.
woooooots, i shall go back to that place someday
and continue catching more prawns :) :) :)

my prawn :D

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