Thursday, April 16, 2009

do watch the video above :)

nth much to blog about actly.
jst that Suto, Darren, Simon and I was rotan-ed this morning.
refer to the front part of "this post".
was the 3rd one to get hit.
and i got hit so hard until my hand also hei qing ar.
not only us laa, still got other students also.
everyone was standing in the staff room waiting to be caned.
lol the mark is still on my hand ler.
haihh so unlucky ba today.
shouldnt have gone to schl at all.
didnt even study much.
jst waste time "makan angin" outside the class
and jst talk talk talk until class finish.
haih will be going to tuition later again.
feeling very very lazy at the moment lo.
luckily physics class is cancelled.
can go Lan Zhong see basketball competition liao :D
anyways, heres the picture of my kasian hand ><

go click the picture to enlarge.
can see the two red lines and two purple spots? @@

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