Thursday, April 30, 2009

the smoke outside is seriously gonna kill me.
gosh, i really hate waking up everyday smelling it.
whats wrong with people nowadays?
so nice to burn stuffs is it?
if you like to burn so much,
then go burn ur own house laa ==

btw, i did not go to school today.
i got headaches and nose-aches(got such word or not? o.O)
and its all because of the smoke lor.
i think Miri's gonna be very hazy real soon
if these monsterspeople continue illegal open burning.
urghh but still im super happy at the moment.
why? because im not in school :D
then tmr also no school.
wooooots, happiness pls.

lol anyways,
ive been kinda addicted to quite some songs lately.
will post em out one by one when im free/found the lyrics.

ps: Chinese Karaoke Singing Competition 2009 is this Saturday !
pps: good luck to all the participants.
ppps: and extra luck to the 5 Dalton I participants :D :D :D

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