Friday, April 10, 2009

what does it mean when someone asks for your number?
many ppl think that when someone asks for your number,
it means they like you or sth.
but to me, there are many answers to this question.
like example :

1. they want to ask you sth in private
2. they are interested in your friend
3. they want to be friends
4. they are doing a dare or sth
5. or thr might be a possibility that the person is interested in you

lol so yeah, those are my answers. what do you think?
haha im blogging about this is because of a certain someone
who is ever so perasan to think that guys who want her number like her.

anyways, tmr night i'll be sitting alone with my sister ==
cant believe both my parents have to be godparents tmr.
adehh i dont even know where to sit ler
and how the whole thing goes or whatsoever.
honestly, i dont remember anything except the lighting of the candles.
omg i have really bad memory lo. @@

ps: i dont know how much longer i can stand *SIGH*

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