Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i had this weird but sort of wonderful dream last night.
i dont really remember everything but all i knew was that i saw him.
yes, he even shot me with his killer thousand watt smile.
and of course i could feel my heart melting in an instant.
aaah, we were at this house party or sth.
many people were there and lots of stuffs were going on.
i opened the door to go outside,
and there he was standing at the gate with his friends.
the funny thing is that he was half naked -_______-"
i didnt know why but he was only wearing his b-ball pants.
not sure if he had armpit hair or not though. LOL
too bad we didnt talk much but it was a good dream,
i like seeing him in my dreamscause i cant see him in real life :)

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