Monday, April 13, 2009

the living room wasnt flooded when i went downstairs this morning.
urghh, i was really hoping it'd flood again so i dont have to go to schl.
lol schl was kinda boring as usualtoday cause we didnt really study.
during the last two periods our English teacher wasnt in,
so me Simon, Darren and Suto went over to 5S3.
they were having oral and we went to watch and sun bian play. lol
but we were chased out by their English teacher a few times.
lol it was hilarious when he chased Simon out of the class.
and also when he called out "Michelle" when the person he called was actly Tracy.

anyways, after schl daddy drove over to mummy's office.
she came out and they talked for awhile.
then she turned to me told me daddy bought her a new phone.
omg heres our conversation.

Mummy : daddy bought me a new phone jst now.
Me : @@ seriously? a new phone? when?
Mummy : yeah, but i havent received it.
Daddy : (interrupt) i didnt tell you?
Me : lol no you didnt ==
Mummy : yesterday he heard me telling you that my phone isn't really functioning well anymore so today he bought me a new one.
Me : wth.. why i dont have? i also want a new phone.
Parents : hahahaha..........
Me : -_____________-" not fair ba.
Mummy : wait for your husband next time buy for you laa.
Me : my husband? i want him buy a house for me lo, who still want phone? ==
Parents : hahahahahaa......
Me : @@ (OMG)

i dont exactly remember every single word but thats about it i suppose.
lol but luckily it isnt SE or Nokia or any common phone laa.
this brand is i-Mobile.
never really heard of it before lo.
daddy said its from Thailand or sth?
after work, mummy showed me the phone and it looks cool.
can watch TV directly from the phone ler.
still got TV3 and other channels according to the countries available.
and the camera is 3MP ler, mine only 2MP pls.
its really unfair laa, whatever my mum wants my dad will give.
haha shes jst like a spoiled child you know.
and my sister is the exact same like her.
theyre like diff aged twins @@
hahaha abit khua zhang but its true lo.


MeLo♥ said...

haha vian!!
so funny lah the way u wrote it =D
of course luhh parents sure love each other more one T_T

ahviann said...

haha this is translated directly from chinese k? LOL