Friday, April 24, 2009

sorry for not updating often.
been lazy and tired.
besides, thr isnt much to blog about.

anyways, its the 2nd and final day of Hari Sukan.
wonder hows everything going at the stadium.
hope the ppl thr wont die from hotness
cause like lately its been reaaaaaally hot.
like omg laa, i dont know how some ppl
can stand the heat and jst stand under the sun
for hours and hours like thrs no sun.
i no need stand outside also can feel the heat liao laa.
like the other day in William's car,
apuuu the windows arent tinted or whatsoever AT ALL.
and i was inside for like one whole hour?
i could see my hands turning red in less than 15 minutes.
why is tinting even illegal?
maybe tinting more than 50% is but abit also cannot ma?
luckily all my cars got at least a little bit.
no need black also nvrmind.
the windows of my honda(s) are like green and blue.
and one of the car the back window is original black.
if not, i think i can jst die inside the car ==

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