Sunday, January 11, 2009


in my previous post i mentioned that it was about to flood right?
and guess what?
10 minutes after i blogged, water started to come in through the front door.
slippers and bottles were floating around outside my house.
when daddy came back, i could see the dustbin "swimming" away.
and in no time, my whole living room was filled with water.
luckily it was only about less than an inch high.
then we decided to wash the living room.
and its only daddy and i, jst the two of us.
lol then like, we went to find the missing slippers and dustbin.
you know, it was really cool to walk in the water(like sakai lol).
saw quite a few dead cockroaches drifting away on the road.
and also a frog swimming(looks like its enjoying itself).
ohh and we found our dustbin lying in front of my grandma's house.
lol it took us about an hour to clean the place up.
really really tiring lo.
its been 2 years since my house got flooded.
and this time the flood came on the right time.
cause CNY is near and this was our chance to wash the place :P

as you can see, the longkang is actly gone ==

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