Saturday, June 21, 2008

suicide anyone?

i think im becoming paranoid. i might even end up in the juvenile ward soon :O

ive been thinking alot lately. i dont even know why but somehow my brain canNOT stop wondering about almost everything. i think ive gotten my brain exchanged with some pathetic old woman from Venus while sleeping. blurghh.
yesterday, which i thought was supposed to be a good day, turned out so badly that i could even toss the computer out the window. actly, during the day, i was still okay. until evening when things start to get out of shape. and to worsen things up, some fcuktard from msn kept bugging me that i swore i couldve hunt him down and stabbed him to death.
i need to loosen things up. i wanna get out of here. far far away from this little city. *takes deep breath* i jst remembered that im going to KK very soon. my little escape from everything. BUT i dont think it'll be such a great trip anymore. cause like i was really very looking forward to this trip about a week ago. until some two things came up. *gigantic sigh* im speechless. i dont know what to say anymore.
jst this, do take note that i might have changed. im not the person i used to be anymore. well, maybe 50% of the old me is still there. but i cant guarantee that the 50% is gonna stay there forever. i know most of you will prolly think like "god, shes sick" or "shes thinking way too much" or blahh. and to answer this, yes maybe i am thinking too much but thats how i am. and maybe im jst making life hard for myself. unlike some people i know, they laugh their way out of their problems or whatsoever it is. laugh laugh laugh. HAR HAR HAR. two words : bullshit pls. i hate it when people laugh so much even when theres absolutely nothing to laugh about. whether face to face or by phone/internet. and another thing, i get annoyed super easily nowadays. so be careful not to piss me off. or you'll be sorry. muahahahah -_____________-" lame i know. LOL
anyways, my point is that uhhh, i dont even know whats my point. so to conclude this all, heres five words for you - GO GET A LIFE HONEY.

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