Tuesday, June 17, 2008


was kinda late for school today. didnt wanna go for roll call actly but we're not allowed. so like i left my bag outside the hall and went in with Janet, Hui Thing and Wei Wei. 5 minutes after we went in, some dudes went into the hall and Brian came on stage and blablabla-ed about us being late and noisy. at 7.30am, everyone proceed-ed to the hall for some Fire Safety Seminar. we had to sit on the floor. like uhhh, its very UNpleasent pls. the place was crowded and all the prefects[yes they were standing at the side of the hall] blocked all the wind from flowing into the hall. so you can imagine how stuffy and hot it is being stuck in the middle of so many hundred people.
we all went back to class by 9am and well we didnt really study today. only at the last two periods. we had add maths. you know what it means right? oh yes, our form teacher is gonna teach us. when she came into class, everyone were clapping hands and woo-ing here and there. lols we did that for at least 5 times and she told us to keep quiet. her english was alright. better than i expected. pheww. and in the end, i actly understood what she was teaching. Thank God. we've got another half a year to go and i do hope that her english + explaining skills will improve and that we can all understand what she teach.
btw, chem tuition starts tonight. like omg. im very lazy + nervous. hope things will go smoothly later =\

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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