Tuesday, June 10, 2008


exams are over. holidays are over.
school is starting. nightmare is happening.

i got back some of my exam papers today. the results? hah you dont need to guess also know liao. luckily i wasnt in class before recess (cause im getting back two papers which i know my marks will never exceed 45). uhhh, lately im very tired. and lazy also. i guess its cause of too much computer and holidays. and IVE GOT EYEBAGS ! isnt that jst shocking? omg. not only do i have eyebags, that part below my two eyes macam kembang like that. i look so much like a frog @@
i dont know whats wrong with me lately. daddy said i didnt get any good sleep. hmmm, i guess maybe thats my problem. but mummy said i face the computer too much. thats true also but am i that UNlucky to be the only one with this effects when alot of my friends face the computer much more than i do? haihhhh actly, i want more holidays. i havent rested enough.
and i jst realized that maybe my waking up time has changed. i mean, i keep on waking up at four plus in the morning. since my exam week. well, holidays i wake up around seven but sometimes around four also. and yesterday, i woke up at four. since it was still early i went back to bed. BUT when i woke up at five plus, my head was so dizzy and i felt like puking. ughh. somethings wrong with me i think. gosh what can i do? can anyone help me? how do i get rid of my hideous eyebags + kembang part?
*sighs* if only i could turn back time, id really wanna go back to last year. back to before PMR. i couldve studied even harder and maybe i wouldve gotten A for my geography and maybe, jst maybe no C's? and after PMR, i had so much free time. shouldve used the time to watch all the taiwan dramas and even went for tuition. uhhh, im regretting it all now =(
i think ive wasted ALOT of my time last year. and i guess im still wasting my time. pshhhh, i dont think i can ever change. somehow, i jst dont have any motivation. i cant seem to even make an effort to change. well, i do think about these things but in the end, all that i have thought are kept tightly in my head. what i did do was become more and more lazy. even now, im lazier than ever. but i am very hardworking when it comes to online-ing. hehehe :P

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