Thursday, June 26, 2008


im leaving later around noon. goodbye Miri. im gonna miss you. NOT. remember to miss me kaes? lols
anyways, yesterday was really a, i dont know how to say. everything that happened last night was jst awesome. i'll tell you later about it cause first i wanna blog about Chemistry tuition yesterday. but before that, school was very very very hot. what happened to the electricity in school? or around the area? gosh i almost died of the hotness. i cant believe the weather was actly that bad. it started becoming hot when the food fair thing started i guess. everyone was squeezing here and there jst to buy food and drinks. could feel the heat coming from every direction. wooosh.
then it was tuition time. got kinda bored so like, you know, picture time !

as you can see from the pictures above, i mostly took pics of Mr. Dexter Stanley. look at the way he is in tuition. and notice that he doesnt have a table. so he has to write on that red chair. and the last pic, Miss Irene is like sitting on the table. are teachers allowed to do that? *wonders*

then after tuition, i went over to my cousin's house. before going to tuition, my aunt[mum's side] who was at my cousin's earlier on told us that my cousin's wife, Shirly, suddenly spoke in tongue and kept calling out someone's name. my aunt was so freaked out that somehow she managed to jump quite faraway from her. she was very very scared. then like my mum called Shirly and she told my mum that she kept calling out someone's name and asked if its my aunt/uncle[my dad's side]. that time, my mum was supposed to accompany that particular aunt to church last night for the Baptism class. so they didnt go and instead that aunt came to my cousin's house. - my aunt on my mum's side, i'll use her name, Jennifer. my dad's side, im not sure of her name. so jst use the word aunt - and when Shirly came downstairs, she started to speak. at that moment, i was abit scared amazed and shocked at the same time. my mum then told us to pray. my sister, niece, cousin and Shirly's mum were upstairs. then the rest of us downstairs jst prayed. God was using Shirly to tell my aunt everything that He wants to say. He also mentioned about my uncle[her husband] since he didnt even bother to come. but the language that God used was totally UN-understandable. i guess He was using the language that He usually speaks. then after my aunt, it was my mum's turn. God heard her calling cause when praying for my aunt, my mum also asked of God to heal her. then slowly, one by one, all of us got called. i couldnt help but kept crying with my mum and aunt. then i went over to my aunt and mum and prayed. suddenly God called my name. He was like "Vivian! Vivian!" and i knelt down. i kept praying and crying. somehow, i couldnt put 100% focus on this. *sighhh* after me, it was my cousin. then Shirly's mum. then Aunt Jennifer and her husband and lastly my dad. the way He spoke was as if He's angry. in that house last night, everyone present there were sinners. i guess God's really upset with all of us. then He also did mention to us that we have to spread the word of God. we need to evangelize. and He kept telling us that He loves us. luckily He used some chinese words and actions so we could understand some of the things He said. e.g. "Wo Ai Ni", "Wo Ai Ni Men", "Wo Yao Ni Men Chuan Fu Ing" "Da Kai Ni De Xin" ... etc. then God called me for the second time. He was like "Vian!" then he spoke and then pointed at my mum, and shaking her head and asked me to tell her sorry. He also made actions like using Shirly's hands to make the smiley face, which obviously meant that i have to make my mum smile. then amazingly God said that my mum cries very easily. so like i cannot keep on making her cry anymore. so i told my mum sorry and He asked to say it louder. i said it like three times then Shirly finally smiled and pointed the "thumbs up". then we all kept praying and after speaking, Hes tired. i know that Shirly's tired too since she spoke for so long. it was like almost two hours. this is the first time ive experienced something like this and i dont think i'll every forget that night. we were all very lucky to have seen all thats happened.
btw, if youre confused with this part since i used God and Shirly's name, its actly God using Shirly to speak to us. its her voice, her body, her everything. but the one that's passing us the message is God. everything that she told us last night was what God wanted us to know. eventhough we only understand like less than 50% of what she was saying. but still, we got the message. we know what He wants.
actly, Shirly wasnt Christian before. then lately shes been going to church, joining choir, and even went to those Christian seminars. the first seminar she went to, my mum said she fell and cried alot. like how people are when they receive the Holy Spirit. then the second time, which was last Saturday, the same thing happened. i guess she was ready to receive the Lord. and God loved her so much that He even used her to tell us these things.
after all thats happened last night, i hope that i wont be so lazy to pray anymore. i gotta read the Bible more often now. maybe, this is God's message to all of us. maybe, something's gonna happen. maybe, God knows that we're leaving today that He has forgiven us and we can travel in peace and without any trouble or problems. i guess its time that i really have to repent. im really scared. what if something is really gonna happen? everyone who reads this, do repent before its too late. all those people who call themselves Christian, do go to church every Sunday. dont call yourselves Christian when you dont even do the most basic thing that Christians do. you know, the end may come anytime. we jst dont know when. so we all have to be ready.

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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ahem` said...

That's like the most amazing experience I've ever read... God is so great... I'm so ashamed that I have been distant from God many times... This article really brought me into a deeper realization of the importance of maintaining a close relationship with God.