Thursday, June 12, 2008


song playing : 你听得到 - 周杰伦

its raining quite heavily outside right now. and its very very cold. gosh, wanna sleep also hard since my room's freezing. ahhh, im friggin
b o r e d right now. nothing for me to do. *stares blankly into space* i dont think the rain's gonna stop anytime soon. it feels as if its gonna rain all night long :O
and when its raining and cold, i will turn to my jiwang mood superly fast. uhhhs, what a boring Thursday afternoon/evening.
oh yea, we jst received the new class timetable. that means theres bm, english, sivik, est and sejarah tomorrow. hope we'll be getting back our sivik paper. i cant wait to see my results. sivik is one of the four subjects that can actly help me in my total marks and average. wanna know the other three? its english pjk and est. these are the subjects needed to help me since my science subjects arent that good =\

btw, this caught my eye jst now while browsing through some pictures on the internet. it seems pretty cool. lols

nice ay? somehow i really like this alot. lols *takes a deep breath* i'll blog again tomorrow. its dinner time now. ciao !


[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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