Wednesday, June 25, 2008


today's really hot. gosh i couldnt stop sweating. lately the weather's been weird. and every morning i wake up smelling smoke. how bad is that? blurghh. oh yea, its wednesday today. im leaving Miri in two days. my darling hubby is coming to Malaysia in two days also. *BIG BIG SIGH* you know, i thought theyre coming in September. i might have the chance to go if they really came that time. but now its like theyre coming in only two days. no chance of going to see them liao lah. UNlucky much.

goodbye to seeing my darling.
goodbye to all my dreams.
goodbye to thinking about meeting him.

goodbye to wanting to confess my love
goodbye to touching his hand.
goodbye to me trying to steal a kiss from him.

goodbye to me being on tv for trying to kiss him.

goodbye to at least saying hi to him.

goodbye to him smiling at me.

goodbye to getting a hug[IF its even possible].

goodbye to taking his picture in real life.


goodbye to my only chance of seeing him.

you guys should feel sorry for me. look at me. i feel hopeless. wait, i AM hopeless. lols btw, last night there was this news about the petrol station around Malaysia are gonna close down for three days. at first after tuition i saw the petrol station at the opposite site full, i thought that the petrol naik harga again. but then again, they said its gonna be raised in August, not now. so like whatever lah. then when i knew about the petrol station's gonna close i was like wtf.. memang sot lah . and i heard from Dexter saying that it has something to do with the politics. then after dinner, i went to my cousin's house then my dad and i went to help him buy petrol. my two other cousins were already there. then later that cousin came also with another car. all wanting to buy petrol. wooosh, i was at the station for about half an hour? so many cars. halfway through waiting my cousin suddenly came to us and said that its not gonna happen in Miri. only in Sabah and West Malaysia. which was a relief. then this morning i heard that Sibu also got this problem? and my BM teacher talked about this "mogok" thing in class. she said the government wanted to take back the amount of keuntungan all the petrol stations thats why this happen. so much conflict eh? :O

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