Friday, June 6, 2008


todays my last day here a my cousin's house. wont be sleeping here tonight anymore. ive been sleeping here since Sunday and tonight, im finally sleeping in my ever so comfy bed. ahhh, it feels great to know im going home tonight. but im gonna miss this computer alot though. HAHA.
anyways, i went to parkson with Ana yesterday. looked for Mandy's gift and watched a movie. we watched "What Happens In Vegas" and yes, its a very good movie indeed. especially when Ashton a.k.a. Mr Hottie is the main actor :P
if youve forgotten how he looks like, heres some pictures to remind you. and one thing, ive written a post about him two months ago i think.

p/s: he looks much better on tv than in pictures. seeing him moving around is better. plus, i love his pretty eyes. and hes also tall, which is a two thumbs up for me. and did i mention about his body? woooots.
btw, yesterday while waiting for Ana, a red wira drove past and one dude from the back seat rolled down the window and called out my name. uhhhs, that was really shocking. i didnt know what to do. lols i jst stood there speechless until Ana came @@

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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