Monday, June 16, 2008

my weekend

and so after friday, it was Saturday. obviously. lols anyways, my weekend was uhh, how to say, kinda packed with stuffs and its been a hectic weekend.
so i woke up early on a Saturday morning cause somehow i heard my mum opening her room door. weird, i know. stayed at home the whole morning. went to tuition in the afternoon. Bio class was postponed to next Sunday. daddy picked me up and went over to Honda cause his car was sent to fix. gosh, its so hard to find those car's spare parts nowadays. after that, went home and got ready to go dinner. Ruth was celebrating her st birthday at Dynasty. everyone had buffet that night. most of us were so full, like omg really speechless. me and Joanna was so bloated that we couldnt even move. we went out to the sitting place there and sat there while watching the kids play. actly, this buffet is what you call it, Calvary Night? im not sure how you spell it. its only available from Friday to Sunday. they have extra food. ahh, the cakes that night were nice. all good tasting ones. but i forgot to eat the fruits ): then we went back around 9.30pm

yesterday, which was Sunday, i didnt go to church as my whole body + head was in pain. so i stayed home with my sister. went to sunday school after that. guess what? Uncle John didnt go again. this time, his sister passed away. i was shocked to hear that. poor sister of his. hope she'll rest in peace in Heaven. well, back to the main point, Elisha took over the class. this time Jonathan wasnt around. so you know, we only read chapter 11 and after that we jst talked and talked and talked and talked in class. tell ,e. is it cool or is it cool? no need to study or anything. its like Sheryl, Chriss, me, Allan and Kurt talking the whole way (: after that i went to tuition. after tuition, i went back home to rest a while. then met up with Chriss and Allan for the Dance Of Humanity thing at the Indoor Stadium. i was thinking that the place was gonna be full since the admission was free. mana tahu when i went there, it was only 3/4 full. as we found ourselves a seat, some kids came out to dance some weird looking dance. it was cute though. i waited and waited patiently. and finally, they announced that the group of people coming out next were dancing the ChaCha. when they came out, i looked around for my aunt but she was nowhere to be found. instead, i saw Kurt. omg, he can dance? cool eh. after their performance, a man and lady come out. whos that you ask? its none other than my aunt ... and uncle. i didnt know my uncle was gonna dance too. they had their solo. but this time, their
performance wasnt as good as the one i saw during the Year End Ball 2006. now, that one was totally awesome. then at about 6pm, Allan left cause hes going to Parkson with some friends. i was stuck with Chriss. you know, the main reason why i stayed there so long was cause of the lucky draw. i had one book of the public ticket thing. the three grand prizes was refrigerators. then they had seven bikes and some other stuffs like rice cooker and blablabla. in the end, i won NOTHING. i was so pissed. uhhh, i even promised that IF i ever win the bike, im gonna ride it to school. but wth.. look at this. apa-apa pun xda. geram lahhh. so i took the whole book of ticket, tore it up and threw it around the stadium. goshh. Chriss tumpang-ed my car and we went to dinner after that. wanted to order Bird Chop but mummy wasnt really happy about it so i had to change to Fish N' Chips. after dinner, we went to Joanna's house and pick up the cake i ordered. it was Chiffon Cake. daddy's favorite cake. but this time, its made my Joanna, instead of her mum.
then today, had assembly. Miss Gan's voice ah, soooo gentle lah. i like her voice. lols then it was Brian's speech. as usual, tegur here and there. but it was good. no fei hua at all. unlike someone. and the prayer, i liked it alot. led by Miss Gan, it was so clear and i actly paid attention to what she was praying. this part that she said "doubt, faith" kept revolving in my mind. until now its still in my head. well, class went on as usual today. boringness. nothing much happened today i guess.
here are some pictures taken. there aint much though. cause my brought my laziness along. ehehe.

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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