Monday, June 9, 2008

school starts today

ahhh, school starts today. and am i ever so lazy. woke up around four in the morning but i went back to sleep since it was still early. woke up again at 5.30am and gosh, my uncle almost left me. left the house few minutes before six. went to school and saw Bas Suria outside school. HAHA. saw two drivers standing in front of the bus. they looked unfamiliar though. hmmm, all the school bands in Miri that went for the competition in Kuching this morning are using the same bus company. lols then we had assembly. luckily the principal wasnt there to deliver his boring speech. and guess what, Miss Gan really did naik pangkat. shes out PK I now :O
i know, very shocking? wanna know whats even more shocking. shes
NOT teaching us add maths anymore. like omg. i seriously cant believe it. shes such a good teacher. shes like one of the best teacher in school what. hope that shes only kidding us since she didnt tell 4S2 about her not teaching us anymore. and speaking about add maths, i failed to achieve my goal. can you freakin' believe it? well, its not hard to believe actly since im such a lazy bum. HAR HAR.
i think this time, no more play play di. have to really study before exams. even if i have to
burn the midnight oil. lols a good idiom ay? LOL anyways, back to the assembly part, it ended quite early today. and after assembly, guess what happened? yes, there was spot check. right in the hall. guys went out from the right and girls from the left. they checked us one by one. but i think the guys were being checked way faster than us girls. uhhh, and it was raining when i got back to class. woooo, jiwangness pls (:
btw, miss Regina Tiong came to school today. lols havent seen her for so long di. she became prettier and her chinese is still so good. HAHA. lucky her for having the holidays. my cousins Charlene and Charlotte will be coming back from Texas soon also. oooh, their mum's coming back too. and that means, MORE SUPER LOUD LAUGHING TOGETHER. hurray? lols
and so now im back home. back in my room to be exact. ive had enough stress for today. and i hope that tmrw doenst turn out so badm even though i know that it wont happen. well, toodles people.

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