Tuesday, June 3, 2008


the holidays are almost over. its my third day at my cousin's house. im supposed to sleepover at his house for six nights cause hes going to Taiwan with his friends and im here to accompany his wife and daughter. ahhh, hes going to TAIWAN man. gosh, i wanna go too T___________T
well, my sister will be here during the day too. luckily hes got a computer with streamyx at home. if not, i think i might jst die cause the computer is important to me. the tv on the other hand isnt so important anymore. lols well, i jst finished eating breakfast. going up to Seria later with my family and my cousin's wife and daughter.
*sighs* you know, last night, after my niece slept, we went downstairs to drink some hot milo and decided to watch a movie. 20 minutes afer the movie started, my sister went home. then my cousin's wife went to toilet upstairs. and i was left alone downstairs and the movie was paused. at that moment, i suddenly felt afraid. i didnt know why but i had this uneasy feeling in me. i guess part of the reason is that im away from my family and i miss them. i havent been sleeping at home for two nights already and i have another four more nights to go @@
ahh, and one more thing. i was browsing thru youtube and found this slideshow some girl made for my hubby. its like ohmygosh, she added a song to the slide and guess what? that song was sung and written by a few China girls. i mean, i cant believe those girls would even write a song and sing it for him. well, i gotta admit that i like the song as well as the slide ALOT AND ALOT. i even cried when i first heard it. i guess theres so much more people who loves him too. so much competitors. how? you know, got this part in the song where the girls keep on saying "wo ai ni. wo ai ni. saranghae. jia you. acha acha fighting. wo ai ni. wo ai ni. wo ai ni. blablablabla". uhhh, jealous i. if only i can compose my own song, im gonna sing it to the world and declare my love for him. HAHA. i think im going sot liao.
btw, his birthday is coming in 2 weeks. i wanna make him a birthday card lah. ):

[ AHVIAN ] ♥♥

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