Monday, February 9, 2009

so i havent been blogging lately.

anyways, Happy Chap Goh Meh everyone !!
i cant believe it, its finally the last day of CNY.
soooooo fast right? omg
i havent even finished bai nian-ing and collecting hong baos ler.
*sigh* have to wait for another year then.

btw, i got sunburnt.
omg how can i be so careless?
cause there was this gathering at Taman Awam.
then like i was rushing to go there and i forgot to put on sun block. :O
i am officially dark, black, or whatever color it is to define fugly skin color.

not only that, i got a super huge headache today.
i thought i was gonna die... NOT.
and i did not go to school(and extra class) today.
so this morning we went to visit my cousin's wife at Columbia Asia.
she was gonna give birth at 6.30am but then it delayed until around 8.15am like that.
about 45 minutes later, her baby boy was born.
didnt get to see him clearly though.
this time, her 4th child, the name is Joel.
Joel as in Joule, not Jo-el.
was kinda surprised she named him Joel
cause i was expecting for another unique name this time.
you see, her oldest child is Faryl, 2nd is Enya and 3rd is Ciaran(pronounced Ki-ron).
nice right those names? haha.

after that i went to see Dr. Roy.
he said that if my condition worsens, i might need to go Kch for checkup.
hopefully no need to go lo.
i dont wanna be sick and i dont wanna leave my home. omg

ps: in my previous post i mentioned that i HATE ___. okay so maybe the word hate is abit too harsh so jst take it as dislike. it sounds better that way. lol
pps: 3 more days.
ppps: i still havent received the pics so cant post it up yet.
pppps: i want Joeeee <3

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