Thursday, February 26, 2009

i like school today.
why? because no need study :P

first two periods were photo taking and singing sessions.
most of my classmates were busy taking pics of/with Miss Jocelyn.
its like her last day with us today. omg
so sad bah and like Mdm Lee is coming back to teach TOMORROW.
isnt that a lil bit too soon? :(
not that i dont like her or anything,
its jst that we're all gonna miss Miss Jocelyn sooooo much.
i still remember the first day she came into class.
she was really quiet lo.
and her voice was very very soft.
oh and shes really cute also. haha
everytime she comes to class,
shes like always smiling and she never shows her angry face.

anyways, science fair was from 3rd period all the way until 7th period.
so after everything was done, we went back to class for the last two periods.
but everyone was busy doing their own stuffs so i went over to S3.
spent the last two periods taking pics with Miss Jocelyn again.
and also trying to take pictures of Vincent was fun too :D

we're gonna miss youuuuuu :(

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