Thursday, February 12, 2009

생일 축하합니다 !

i am officially 17 today.
after waiting for soooo long,
today has finally arrived.
and i'll be driving reaaaal soon then :D

thanks alot to those who wished me happy birthday today.
be it thru phone, face to face or comment.
and i received an extra birthday cake this year.
its from my dearest 干爸爸 in Kuching.
really appreciate it :)
and also the hong baos ive received, thank youuuu !

also i'd like to wish some other people happy belated birthday.

3rd February - Grace
4th February - Amy
5th February - Nadia
6th February - Sheila, Chris
8th February - Ivan
9th February- Maznah
10th February - Roland, Numese(not sure how its spelled)

and today,

12th February - ME(of course lol), Vivian(a girl with the same name, same birthday and same birth year as me. ps: her surname sounds exactly like mine too. hers is Yii and mine is Lee. hahaha), Flora and Gwen.

ps: i kinda feel really old now.

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