Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ive been thinking alot last night
and the night before.
now, im coming down with a conclusion
which is this ---> my life is meaningless.
so, i dont have to try and make it as
perfect as i wish it to be anymore.
and i'll jst try to play my part in life
and well, try to do what i can do.
at least try my best in whatever im
going to overcome in the future.

*looks around*
its already 2009 and i still
havent completed my new year's
resolution yet.
haha i know what you guys are
thinking. lol
i do have my resolutions k?
its jst that i havent finish writing it
cause like i wanna make a long one.
with many meaningful resolutions
and this time, i wanna achieve it all.
yes, you heard me right.
by this year end, i want to cancel out
all the resolutions that i have done.
no more delays and "oh i forgot to do this"
or "this is too hard for me. maybe next year"
no no no. i dont want anymore of this.
since its my final year in high school,
i'd wanna make things right jst this time.
no more messing up(doubt that i can do that)
im gonna try my best.
eventhough i can already predict that
in December, theres at least 3 undone resolutions.
lol so people, help me jia you? ahahaha.

ps: 9 more dayssss.

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