Saturday, February 14, 2009

i love the dancing cows in Toys World !
anyone buy one for me?
i want the one with the song by Groove Coverage.
omg its really cute lo.
went there with Chriss and Allan after lunch on wednesday.
yes, that explains why i was late for extra class
and why kena rotan the next day.
anyways, i saw the cow before actly but i never knew it could dance and sing.
hahaha you all should go see and try it out.

yes, its me singing with the silly cow ==
theres another few at the other side.
and they all had diff dance moves. LOL
ohh and huge RM269 patrick the dog is very very adorable.
i like it very much too. haha

btw, look at this very sohai amoi below.

styla bums!!...hahahah Pictures, Images and Photos


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