Monday, February 23, 2009

jst a short recap on what happened during the weekends.
so there wasnt any school on Saturday.
was reaaaaaaaally veeeeeeeery happy lo
UNTIL Saturday morning when i woke up at 6.30am
and cannot go back to sleep anymore.
wth.. how kasian is that?
and i thought i can at least sleep until 8am.
*lets out a sigh*
but at least there wasnt any sunday school yesterday.
lol and we went to Brunei, yes again.
we even went up to Bandar :D
saw the Generation 4 of Odyssey at The Mall too.
woooosh, memang cantek bah that car.
i love the front lights alot.
it looks jst like the 3rd Generation but this is much prettier.

see, pretty right?

btw, i jst realized that i have many unexpected ppl reading my blog.
one of them is my err aunt(?). lol
we went to her house in Brunei yesterday ma,
then we were talking2 then she suddenly said
"Vivian 啊,你们的家。。。etc. 我那天看到你的BLOG...etc"
i was like wth.. she read my blog AND she had to mention it in front of my parents.
LOL not that thrs any secret in my blog or anything,
its jst that i havent showed mummy my blog yet ==

ps:maths magis is tmr! i dont remember how to play it lah.
pps:science fair is this thursday!
ppps:exams starts next monday!
pppps:see my font? cool eh? ahahaha. lol

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