Friday, February 27, 2009

Mdm Lee is officially back. omg
but i wasnt in class this morning when she was teaching.
went to play Maths Magic.
speaking of that, hopefully my group will at least get top 3.
the results will be out on Monday.
really nervous about it lo.

oh yea, i went Parkson awhile with my parents after extra class.
mummy brought my clothes along so i could change.
lol was having a problem changing baju actly
but luckily daddy went into the basement thr
so nobody was around to see. LOL
saw auntie Margaret and uncle Eugene there with their son.
omg his son de hair is so long and straight(not sure got straighten or not).
wooots, i want hair like his lo.
oh and i met Siew Ung there with her younger brother and mum.
less than 5 minutes later, Ai Yin and Priscilla came walking up to us.
lol and i thought that i might not meet anyone familiar today,
who knows so many people were there.
oh oh and we saw mummy's friend too.
the very eng dao one. omg
hes still as eng dao as the last time(about 4 or 5 years ago?) i saw him.
i love his light brown eyes alot and he looks abit like ang mo also.

anyways, exams is on monday and i havent even touched my books yet.
goshh, i feel soooooooo lazy right now :(

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