Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i am friggen happy at the moment :D :D :D

i cant believe that i finally found the title of that song i love so much !!
i am sooooo happy until idk what to write anymore.
omg all i can say is that iiiiii aaaaammmmmm hhhaaaapppppppppyyyyyyyyy !!
happy happy happy!
gembira gembira gembira!!
woooooooo, i feel hyper. LOL

i shouldnt have brought my school bag to school today.
really wasting my energy carrying it lo
cause i didnt study at all ==
this morning the moment i put my bag in class,
i had to run over to the Chapel for Mass.
then went back to class but we didnt study cause teacher wasnt in.
then half an hour later i went for photography duty.
expected to go back to class after taking some shots
but who knew the whole class had to go to the hall to watch the quiz thingy.
and that was until recess.
after recess, i still had photography duty.
then i went back to class cause got chemistry
but then ive already learnt that the day before at tuition. lol
half an hour before class ended,
i went for another, yes another photography duty(3rd time today).
after duty, it was already the gerko meeting.
then in the afternoon, extra class was sej and physics.
as usual, we didnt listen during sej at all.
then physics, jst discuss 3 Qs and we were all done.
lol its a long and tiring but fun and free day.

ohh and science fair is tmr.
not gonna study also.
but then exams coming soon lah. omg

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