Wednesday, November 26, 2008

went to Belle's Bookshop in the evening.
im liking the place alot now that its got a Christian corner.
somehow i jst love walking into that corner and search for books or whatever i can find.
and everytime im here, it feels as if im a tiny step closer to God.
and that ive all of a sudden become sort of "holy".
so as usual i went over to look for some interesting books.
was looking for the one i saw in Popular the other day but they dont have it.
so i jst went on looking and looking, until i saw this one book.
the title is "Questioning God".
its quite less the same with the one from Popular.
jst that, that book is called sth sth God's unanswered questions or sth like that.
theres a part which says "what if you had a face to face talk with God, what would you ask?".
its a good one actly cause ive been thinking, exactly what would i ask.
on the way back, my mum was talking to my aunt about this seminar she went few months ago.
when it was the priest's turn to speak, he spoke of his illness and questioned God.
it was then he heard God said "I have never left you..."
omgg so sad lar T_________________________T
it makes me feel so superly guilty for not reading the Bible daily or praying all the time.
*takes deep breath* im a sinner once again.
oh wait.. ive always been a sinner. omgg

ps: anyone knows when is the next confession? @@

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