Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i think hor, the older Jay Chou is, the better looking he becomes.
since i was young, ive heard many ppl say that Jay is not good looking at all.
i used to have no comments about it but now, ive changed my mind.
before, he was this cool singer songwriter dude.
but now, he smiles more and alot cuter. lols
and i must say that i agree with what everyone calls him, Asia's Heavenly King.
he really is a great person lor.
since his debut album until now, hes been producing albums every year.
i mean, which singer can actly do the same as him?
whats more, since he first came to the entertainment world, hes changed alot.
from a singer to singer-songwriter to composer to actor to producer and now, director.
isnt that like uhh, awesome?

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