Monday, November 3, 2008

im bored. and tired too.
didnt go to school today.
supposed to go lar but daddy was busy so i told him no need. hehs
i'll be one of the two(Stepheny too) people to take our textbooks tmr.
omggg hope its not too heavy lar.
and its been really boring lately.
nothing much to do ler.
even online-ing is starting to become a boring thing.
haha oh and i'll be taking holiday classes at Oxford Yakin.
yes, starting next next monday(17/11/08) until middle of December maybe?
and no i wont be taking form five classes.
instead, i'll be studying form four syllabus. again.
yes i know, it'll be boring but what to do?
spm is jst next year and you know lar, im really really stupid.
plus im still kinda blur in some form four subs.
so yeah, i'll be tuition-ing in the morning during the hols.
and in the afternoon, i guess i'll be stuck in front of the comp :\

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