Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Time

Christmas is coming real soon.
im like searching for the song "Last Christmas" to put in my blog.
but i cant seem to find it anywhere ==
so have to like dl it then upload it then put it in my blog.
it'll have to take some time lar.
well, was looking for the song in Youtube when i came across this song.
the song title is "Do They Know Its Christmas" by Band Aid 20.
this is the 2004 version though.
theres the original one sung in 1984.
its been sooo long since i last heard this song.
i think ive posted this song in my blog last year?
its like kinda touching also lar this song.
i cant stop crying when they showed the African kids part(2004 version).
still, im loving the 2004 version of this song :)

1984 Version :

2004 Version :

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