Monday, November 3, 2008

the darling.

all of a sudden i feel like blogging.
im really too bored and theres absolutely nth to do.
hmmm, i guess i'll blog about darling :)
i'll blog about how we met and blah and blahh.
so people, bear with me.

so its like this, as you know, my darling is Miss Pricilla Tho.
in November 2006, i went to Oxford Yakin for this holiday course.
then one morning in December, i saw this girl walking into class.
when i first saw her, i thought "this girl looks extremely familiar" but i didnt bother about it.
and as days go by, we became friends, good friends to be exact.
i remember talking during Science and Maths class all the time.
there was once when we kept on laughing all through Maths class.
from 10.30am all the way until 12.00pm we kept on laughing.
in the end, we only did five objective questions? lol
i really had a good time with her.
then about a week before PMR, i went to the old library with some friends to study.
after our "studying" we went downstairs to buy some cheap magazines.
so while waiting for our car/reading the mag, i saw Pricilla walking towards my direction.
beside her was her mum and you know what?
her mum said this "your kindergarten friend?"
at that moment, i almost went speechless.
it was then when it all came back to me.
cause during tuition class, i always wondered where Pricilla and i have met before.
who knows, we were actually from the same kindergarten
and not only that, we were even classmates :O

so yeah, thats the story of how we met.
and also the fact that we're long lost kindergarten buddies. hehs
sorry for the broken english though :\
and here's a picture of her in case you forgot/dont know how she looks like.

pretty much? heck yeah :)
well, im outta here.
will be blogging again soon.
toodles !

ps: darling, if youre reading this, jst wanna say thank you. thanks for being such a good friend/darling. eventhough sometimes we dont have much to say, im really thankful to God for letting us meet. friendship foreverr :) :) :)


sooee sarah said...

so am i in her class as well last time?
i jus remember there was a priscilla in our tadika. is't her?

ahviann said...

ahh yes. its her. lol

♥♪♬♩♭▶YUU™ said...

So touced leyy~
I love uu...~