Sunday, November 2, 2008


as ive mentioned before, i went on a date yesterday evening.
we went to watch High School Musical 3.
it was a good movie but too bad its the last one already. haha
i guess some of you should be wondering who go out with.
well, heres a picture of my cute date :)

after our date, we went to QQ for dinner.
ordered this famous claypot rice thingy.
it tasted good so yeah, one and a half thumbs up for it. lols

well yesterday morning, the aircond ppl came to wash our airconds.
it took them about like less than 2 hours i think?
before they came, Aunt Florence came with Rachel and Ruth.
then about an hour or so later, Joanna came along.
my sister suggested that we play the Ludo game and Snake too.
it was a kinda boring morning actly. hahah
then at around 11am i switched to E! and it was showing "Posh & Becks".
it was about their lives from being a kid until now.
and i tell you this, Becks didnt look good at all before.
i guess he started to become hot like after he married Posh.
and damn, hes one of the hottest British ang mo ever :)
even Prince William lost to his hotness. LOL

well, i didnt go to church this morning =(
i know, its BIG SIN but i got headache bah.
so i slept until eight i think.
then around 11.30am we went to Siputi for a short trip.
had lunch and went searching for durians.
umm, the tiny ones with orangy yellowish flesh de.
not the "san liu lan" lar but its another type.
searched the area and Tamu but dont have.
in the end, went to 2020 thr to buy.
daddy went to buy from the lady selling near ___.
one thing i noticed about that lady was that shes BRA-LESS.
this is the 3rd time we've bought fruits from her and guess what?
all three times she wasnt wearing any bra. ==
funny i know but uhh, YUCK-ER?
i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw her.
well, shes obviously from those little kampungs but pls lar,
Servay is jst around the corner, go buy a cheap one to wear bahh.
when she pulled out the plastic bag from the box,
i could see her boobs going "toing toing toingg". @@
but then i thought, "she must be living a very comfrtable life since the day she was born".
HAHAHA. know why?
because no need pakai bra bahh. LOL

the very delicious babi hutan

wonder whats she telling daddy

btw, i posted up a few pics of Miss Joanna Voon. well, if any of you wants to get to know her better, heres some info about her :)

Name : Joanna Voon Kah Ni
Age : 13 this year (2008)
Current Location : Miri, Sarawak
Address : Pujut 3
School : SMK Chung Hua, Miri
Class : ask her yrself. haha
Height : about 160+cm
Number : 014_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Hobbies : watch tv and laugh until stomach pain ==
Blog : Click Here
Status :

anything else you wanna know,
you can either ask her
ask me personally. :)

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