Tuesday, November 18, 2008

F for Faith.

i saw this interesting book in Popular the other day.
its about why are there unanswered questions by God.
its written by a man who lost his mum, wife and daughter in a car crash more than a decade ago.
its a really sad thing for him.
anyways, i was reading the first chapter then i decided to flip through it.(lazy to read. hehs)
well, i guess God was controlling my hands cause i stopped at a page talking about faith.
and as you know, ive always wanted to name my future daughter Faith.
so i copied a tiny part of this passage from the book.
heres what it says :
"Genuine faith claims and receives God's promises. So if a loved one doesnt get well, it demonstrates lack of faith. If a man or woman cant find work, it indicates lack of faith. If a church fails to grow, it reflects lack of faith. Faith is the key that opens the door to God's miracle-working power".

and it really is true lor.
we Christians always have lack of faith in everything.
some people only use their mouths and not their heart.
its like praying, we pray with our mouths and not our hearts.
and because of that we result in getting unanswered prayers.
i think that if we truly pray - with our hearts that is - prayers will be answered.
esp questions concerning Christianity, faith, or anything to do with God and His works.

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