Saturday, November 22, 2008

went on a date with darling today.
after sooooo long, we finally went out.
its been a very fun afternoon :)
first we went for lunch at KFC.
we both ordered the fish burger with cheesy wedges.
after that went Coffee Bean to drink.
beside our table there was this "uncle" eating some salad thing.
all of a sudden, he turned to us and started talking.
omgg we went speechless for about 10 seconds? lol
he asked about phone services esp Digi and Maxis.
and he kept talking and talking and talking and talking.
half an hour passed and there he was, STILL talking. @@
he kept saying about these phone lines simply taking away our credit.
dehh, say what one night take away RM3 or RM5 or RM10.
macamlah we're workers or managers of these phone service company ==
he even asked about the unlimited thing then darling had to call her aunt.
apuuu, mafan-ness to the max pls.
luckily he left after err 45 minutes of talking? hahah
what a looooong gas person.
*it was good to have him around as it was kinda fun listening to him bullsh*t.
after he left, darling and i kept taking photos.
well, i was more of the photographer than she was.
oooh what a vain darling i have =P
after a while, we noticed that many ppl were staring at us so we left.
went walk2 around awhile.
oh we also had a special guest going around with us for a while.
and its none other than Mr Silas. LOL
i couldnt recognize him you know.
he err, kinda changed abit. hehs

ps: i had a real good time with you today darling :)
pps: pictures will be posted in the next post.
ppps: darling, forgot to tell you that i had a dream last night. i dreamt about us going out. lol it was a kinda weird dream lar cause we went to many places and some were kinda weird. i even dreamt that there was a river between my house area and yrs, then we had to use a sampan to row from my house to yr house. heheh i guess i was too excited about today until have this dream. HAHA

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