Friday, November 14, 2008


omg omg omg.
im seriously very very crazy about Taiwanese dramas.
it all started after PMR last year.
ive watched about 10 of em last year.
then this year, about another 10?
whats more? im liking the actors from the dramas. LOL

anyways, this morning i watched It Started With A Kiss.
err, i only watched a few parts lar.
goshh, it reminded me of how much i loved this drama
and the fact that darling Joe Cheng is the main character :)
actly, if you are free you can sit down and watch em.
some are jst really nice and worth to watch.

besides, the year end holidays jst started.
so im gonna start my drama marathon again.
and i'll be sitting in front of the comp with a towel all day long.
*towel is to wipe away my tears cause tissues arent enough :\

in conclusion, all i can say is that im a drama addict. :D
ive watched about 20 dramas and theres more to come. lol
so im off to continue my drama watching now.

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