Thursday, November 27, 2008


ish ish i hate being sick lar.
i havent been like this for so long le.
usually my sickness is very minor but this time, idk lar.
all i know is that im really sick.
this morning i woke up still okay, jst abit tired.
after breakfast jiu slowly feeling sick le.
then daddy dropped me off at tuition.
thought i would be okay but who knows, i feel even more sick.
then went back after English class lor.
haihs felt so much like vomiting and i went to toilet few times.
but all i did was vomit out water :\
and my head ar, i dont think i can stand it anymore lerh.
as you know, since a long time ago, heaving head problems is very normal for me.
its like theres never a day in a year that i didnt have any headache at all.
sometimes the headache comes unexpectedly but it'll only last for few hours.

lately ive been kinda afraid of getting sick.
why? cause i'd feel that after i go to sleep at night, i might not wake up in the morning.
its like my life would end jst like that.
the other day i suddenly felt very very uneasy and i felt like i can hardly breathe.
then i thought "will i be able to make it to tomorrow?".
woooosh, a very scary thought. @@
it got me thinking the whole night and the words "What If" started to appear.
like, what if i cant make it tmrw, what if i went to hell, what if i dont make it even to purgatory.
too much thoughts made my head even more pain.

dammit my head's starting to hurt real bad again.
uhh, i think i'll be going to bed. again. ciaooo :(

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