Thursday, March 31, 2011


as much as i love thursdays, today didn't really go that well. firstly, accounting midterm is on saturday and i only know how to do the cash budget thingy. well, i'm sort of okay with the pv and cost of capital but still, i'm very blur with the first two and a half chapters(half of chapter three)! secondly, the workshop tomorrow morning has been changed to tomorrow afternoon at 2.30pm. and my tutor didn't even inform us. wtheck?! no notices, no emails, no nothing. if i didn't see her at the cafe just now, then i would never know that the time and place of the workshop have been changed. thirdly, i found out that the b law exam is on tuesday instead of friday next week. and it's from 6pm all the way until 8pm! so if i didn't meet my tutor at the cafe during lunch, i wouldn't have known that the workshop have changed time and venue and i won't be attending it which will result in me not knowing the exact date of the exam which will eventually cause me to miss the exam and thus failing this unit! lol i know what you're gonna say. "think too much" right? but hey, i'm just having contingency plans. who knows bah what might just happen. rofl and lastly, i almost fell asleep in management tutorial! idk why but i was really tired. when the kids were in front presenting the case study and also when we were watching videos that the tutor showed us, i was literally on the way to dreamland already. HAIH but on the contrary, at least i don't have to drive today. thank God chii how lives quite near to me. honestly, i think i would've fallen asleep while going back home if i were to be driving today. lol

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