Sunday, March 13, 2011

i'm back!

and i'm back from my little "camping" trip with 70 other church members. it was a tiring trip for me although i didn't really do anything. from that trip, the thing i remember the most is getting bitten by mosquitoes/sandflies/bugs/idk what they are. OMG it's like sooooo itchy right now, i can't stop scratching. wtf seriously, i don't think i'm a jungle person at all. i cannot go to places like the jungle or the beach too much or i'd get bitten. funny thing is, out of all the 70+ people that went, i think i was the only one complaining. everyone else didn't say anything at all. or maybe they weren't bitten? very lucky wei!

lol anyways, we reached the place at about 4pm yesterday afternoon. sad enough, it was a rainy weekend but then again, the barbecue still went on. i went to join them quite late so most of the food were gone. except for the chicken wings and nuggets. lol my aunt made very delicious satay and all i had for dinner were lots of satay and nuggets. *now that explains that huge pimple on my chin * :\ that night after eating, my cousin stayed at my hostel and we were talking about stuffs until like, 1am? after that i went back to my room to watch some drama and went to sleep. i actually decided to not sleep but since everyone was sleeping quite soundly and it was raining, i decided to sleep as well. lol but then, i woke up at like 5.30am? we had to get ready by 6.30am to go gather in the hall to pray, then later take a group photo and went back to have breakfast.

halfway through breakfast, they announced that there will be a jungle tracking trip to niah cave. of course, i said no. i went already last year and i told myself it was my first and last. it was so so tiring and i just felt very miserable. then again, i did regret a little for not going all the way until the end of the cave. heard that there's lots of things to see there. things like ancient drawings on the cave walls and stuff like that. lol maybe, just maybe i might go tracking again in the future. but it gotta be with lots of people so i can talk to them and forget the tiredness of it. XD

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