Saturday, March 12, 2011

end of week two.

so i haven't blogged for the past two days. been kinda busy with assignments and stuff lately. HAIH and i'm like super tired too. idk why but these days, i keep feeling sleepy. is it because i didn't have enough sleep? or is it because i'm too stressed out? or just because i feel sleepy whenever there's work to do? lol either one, it doesn't change anything. i still have to do my assignments and the due date is not gonna be postponed. and you know what? i'll be out of town later today for a "camping" trip with 80+ other church members. will be back home on sunday and uhhh, i can't go online when i'm there! miserable much! especially when i've got an assignment to rush and i can't online. wtf i didn't wanna go on this trip actually but my mum was really hoping that i'd be going with them so yeah, i had no choice but to not keep her worried and say that i'll be going with them. hopefully this trip will be worth it. lol

oh and one thing. earthquake and tsunami hit japan yesterday afternoon! omg i was shocked. and my cousin, his wife and daughter went to japan last night. not sure what time their flight was though but i think that they've already reached japan maybe few hours ago. thank God that my mum informed me last night that the place my cousin, his wife and daughter went wasn't affected. y'know, all these disasters got me thinking. and my conclusion is that judgement day is coming very soon. think about it. natural disasters have been happening a lot in the past few years in places people least expected. this is all a sign from God. and yes, i'm very worried. i haven't repented at all. i'm still the sinner that i am. gosh let's just pray and hope that God will have mercy on us. :|

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