Thursday, March 31, 2011

last day of march!

it's thursday again and i love thursdays! why? cause it's management day and that's the only unit i have for the day. no other annoying units that make me go so blur and sleepy. frankly speaking, i'm not an accounting person, i don't get bis and b law is just too complicated. HAIH i need help wei! i don't wanna fail any units. ;(

and did you all realize that TOMORROW IS APRIL? wtf time is going by so fast that even a G6 won't be able to catch up with it. seriously, two and a half more months and the semester is gonna end. i don't want it to end so fast! if it's ever possible, id love to have like 30 hours a day. see, this i'm asking for too much. just asking for an addition 6 hours each day. lol but still, just like last semester, the days and weeks are going so fast. it feels just like yesterday when i was still in sem two. i can remember attending the lectures and tutorials. ahhh, i miss my foundation life! to all the degree students out there, do you miss it too?

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