Friday, April 1, 2011

the first quarter of 2011 is officially over!

yes people, it's already April. don't you think time is going by pretty fast? exactly one year ago, i was having my business management lecture and i forgot what's my other class. or do i only have one class that day? lol i don't remember but yeah, i was only in semester one of my foundation year. ahhh, how i wish time would just slow down. i don't mind having another extra two hours of class everyday just as long as time slows down. i don't wanna grow up so soon and neither do i wanna graduate as well. i mean, i know the fees are insanely expensive but hey, i'd rather spend my time studying and hanging out and rushing for assignments then to go sit in an office and face the computer from 8am all the way until 5pm. don't you think so too?

oh and it's April Fool's today. any plans to prank people? don't be too silly to get tricked by your friends yo. i'm not supposed to have any classes today but there's a workshop being held in the afternoon and well, i gotta attend it just because i'm gonna have my b law exam next tuesday and i am still friggen clueless about the four steps thingy. hopefully i'll get to understand it and that the exam will go smoothly. *fingers crossed :/

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