Sunday, March 20, 2011

happy birthday, june :D

the birthday girl and i :)

yeapp, this young lady in the picture above (left) turns 20 today! honestly speaking, getting to know her is one of the best thing that's happened to me last year. she's just the type of friend that i would love to have. although she can be quite "auntie" at times, but she's hardworking. at least she knows when to be serious and when not to. she's also quite very talkative. which is good cause sometimes when i don't have anything else to say, i can just listen to her talk all day. and boy, this girl can really complain too! sometimes, she can start talking from stepping into my car all the way until we've found a parking in campus and walking to class/cafe. no kidding. she can talk all day if there's nobody/nothing to stop her. HAHA. y'know, we've been classmates for two semesters now and it's our third one together this year. hopefully we'll be in the same class again next semester cause it'll be our last one together. why? reason being that we're both majoring in different things and well, there's just no connection between the units we'll be taking until final year. so yeah, we won't be classmates anymore after this year. but even so, i really really hope that we don't lose contact after next sem. things would definitely be really different without her around but i hope that we'll continue to be like how we are now, really good friends. :)

and before i end this post, i just wanna say: JUNE WONG, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. AKU CINTA KAMU! & ONCE AGAIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR :)

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