Thursday, March 24, 2011

fpbl XD

business law test tomorrow! i know it's only 40 mcq but it's worth 20% of the entire unit! the exam covers the first three chapters and it's already kinda confusing and complicated to me. good thing it's like only mcq and it's not a written exam. y'know, if i get good grades, for this, i don't have to be so stressed for the next two exams. like seriously. and next saturday will be my accounting midterm! even scarier than this unit pls. why? cause i suck in accounts and i don't wanna fail! nobody does, i know but still. HAIHHH :( oh Lord, i need Thee to guide me through all that i'm facing and about to face.

and did i mention about my individual and group assignments? wtf i'm only done with one and i still have another like three more to do? and there's also a short presentation thingy for management in three weeks time and i don't think i have time to prepare at all. hopefully everything will be done and i can be free during free week! it's a good thing that free week is kinda late this semester. unlike previous semesters, i gotta work my ass off for exams and assignments during the short breaks. but this sem, i only gotta worry about what to wear for my graduation the week after the break! ohhh, i'm so excited!

lol i'm going too far from my point. so anyways, exam tomorrow afternoon. wish me luck people! *fingers crossed

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