Wednesday, March 9, 2011

no strings attached.

boring boring day. had accounting tutorial in the morning and well, it was actually okay. had an indian tutor and no, it's not what you think. she doesn't have that much accent so 90% of what she said was still understandable. we did this swot thingy and that was it. our supposedly 1 1/2 hour tutorial became a 45 minute tutorial. i think i'll be attending more of her classes in the future. LOL then after her tutorial we went down town cause i needed to feed my car with petrol. ughhh money fly away just like that. sad. then after that we went to have bak kut teh! i think i ate too much. i was bloated all the way until i went to sleep. felt so uncomfortable you know? HAIH we came back to campus just in time to attend the business law seminar. and honestly, three hours is really long. unless the class i'm attending is like, ecs. and idk why but it was extra cold that afternoon. we were all literally freezing at the back for three hours. even during break time, annie and i had to go out to the car park and stand under the sun. XD and did i mention that i was friggen sleepy? my eyelids kept closing. lol very sleepy indeed. especially after eating so much. *makes me feel like a pig* but i'm still grateful to have alice as my lecturer. i mean, imagine if it were to be someone boring? i think i would've fallen asleep five minutes after class started. lol

after class, i went back home. just when i was turning into the street to my home, i saw daddy drive out from home. so i drove in and when i got down the car, i saw him reversing and calling me from the window. he was bringing my sister to see the doctor so i followed. after that we went to pick my mum and i told them i wanted to go boulevard to buy bag. which eventually i did. that silly bag cost me RM120 you know? i feel so poor now. anyways, after buying the things, we went back home and i went to create my blog. i mean, i already have a blog but this new one that i'm creating is for my bis 100 class. everyone was required to create a gmail account as well as a blog for that unit. i know, very -________-" right? the lecturer even mentioned that if we already have a blog, we can just give them our current blog address so we don't have to create a new one. and of course after hearing that, i decided to create another. i mean, why should i give her my current one right? so now, i got two blogs to maintain and i wonder how am i gonna do that. look at me. class started last monday and i've already been so busy. i don't update as often as i did last month and in january. there used to be a post everyday but now, it's like thrice a week? blehh. :\

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