Friday, November 26, 2010


the exams are over. the semester is over. everything else is over.

i can finally close all my books and throw my notes aside already. goodbye schooldays and hello holidays. ahhh, three months. i know that it's normal for every student to be thrilled that school's out and holidays are in. but seriously, i don't think i'm that excited at all. i mean, it's only the second day of holidays and i'm already missing school. lmao i know, you must be thinking "what the heck is wrong with this girl". but frankly speaking, i do miss school. i guess it's cause i've been spending lots of time with my classmates and that bond we share is getting stronger and stronger. especially between the five of us. you know who you are. :) and during the holidays, everyone's gonna go back to their own hometown. since most of my classmates are not local. sad but what to do? i can't stop them from going back right?

ahhh, three months. wonder what i'll become by the end of the holidays. it's either i've grown a garden full of mushrooms or i've already died from boredom. i was actually thinking of getting a job but i'm plain lazyyyyyyy. D: but i can't be so lazy bahh. i'm gonna go get myself a part time job. and hopefully i don't have to work until the sun goes down. and i don't wanna work everyday. lmao i think i'll go search for one once i'm done doing nothing at home. :P

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